The Charms of a Fashion Diva

Are you a diva? Do you crave for attention and admiration from your friends and colleagues? If yes, then you should check out the following tips on how to be a fashion diva.

Be Trendy

To be a fashion diva, you should keep up with the latest fashion trends. Matters of fashion come and go as far as the memory is short. But since most fashion trends are variations of previous trends, it is important to be a trend setter. So, be the first of your friends to dress up in a manner that has not been done by anyone else. Only then will you be setting an example for others to follow.

Flexibility is a virtue others will admire. Once you understand your personality, it will become difficult for you to make the wrong move. So to appear elegant wear what you feel comfortable in. Ad infringe on your favorite jeans and pick up a subtle pair of sandals instead of strappy ones.

Power Dressers

You are a person who thinks before he/she acts. When you dress, you want to project to others that you are a person of strength. Whether you have a winning personality or not, you can still be a trend setter. Wear clothes that portray you as someone who is strong and is not afraid of any consequence.

athers are wonderful to wear. If you like to go out in the forest, make sure you bring a picnic. Stretch your pants legs just above your ankles and pop a brown or black thumb to the forest. This plant will camouflage any wild insects that may disturb you below.

Vow to be a trendsetter. The more followers you have, the more likely that your fashion ideas will spread wide. Reach out to a few of your friends. Get together and talk fashion. In this way, you will get the benefit of their ideas without having to spend a lot of time on trying to interpret what they say.

You can seamlessly join other styles. So if you see a cute granny in black on a street corner, don’t mind if you steal her style. Being a fashion diva requires enough confidence.

Act in proportion to your size

Wear clothing that are proportionate to your size. Some fashion trends exist only for slender runts. Incidentally, a woman who lacks confidence often follows trends incorrectly.

Make wearing heels an option

Being a fashion diva doesn’t automatically mean that you have to wear five inch stilettos anytime you go out. Soften your heels and go from a kitten heel to a two inch pump. It’s possible to look feminine in heels, and you will end up looking like you’ve gained a few inches.

Go beyond the basics

Go beyond the basics and experiment with various fashion trends. Try an assortment of shoes and bags with different shapes and fabrics. Consider the maximum style statement that you can make using your clothes.

Shopping makes its own reward

When you know you look good, you will automatically give a more Velvetotic effort to the way you present yourself. Going shopping also helps you to overcome shyness and to think beyond normal. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try new things.

All of the popular clothing designers usually have stores where you can look for low priced fashion clothing which is made by them. You are guaranteed a good fabric to be spun from the fabric of the clothing.

Designing your own clothes

Considered the lowest risk, you can freely try out your fashion talent and creativity. In this manner you will be able to create a garment that is unique from the other.

Spotting cheap apparel stores or discounted mall brands gives you the opportunity to purchase your favorite apparel for a much lesser price than you would find it in a shopping mall.

For the fashion diva, liquidating your old clothes is also a great way to stretch your budget and buy more clothes. Your closet will thank you for it!