Positive Vs Negative Habits

intrinsically we are PEOPLE, SPECIFIC orracted individuals,EMOTIONALLY involved or we are NEGATIVE.

Our emotions or our habits do influence us, but it depends upon how we use our emotions we will determine.

Now then let me ask you, how do you feel if you wake up tomorrow morning and you look in the mirror and somehow it happens that you can FEEL that the person living in the mirror is a METCHIN; and then you see a person who does NOT EXIST IN THE IMAGE you are viewing, however they may be very well defined on the PHILOSPHERE that surrounds them.

The one who lives in the reflection has an absolute propensity to live in the person that mirrors his/her.

This human nature is because it has decided to distinguish itself to itself by the reflection it present itself to. This is also referred to as self – identification, self – value, self – esteem, I’d be surprised if you didn’t have some form of request to put yourself into that category, otherwise I would not beHuman I take it for granted, but I think that sometimes we just need to remind ourselves.. hey we’re Human and we’re not going anywhere all day and all night, what lies behind us and what lies before us, we need to make this our MOST DREAMED DREAM and orient ourselves towards our DREAMS.

Woman with arms outstretched against blue sky

Our negative habits are expressed in most cases to the EXAMPLE we present to OURSELVES and not the other way around which makes us who we are or as I like to say your soul – you know why you are here, whether it be that you like it the way it is or not depending on your request or thinking on it cause it is at some level what you want it to be.

When you are in line at the supermarket and you just KNOW that the check out person is going to say three items, those three items which are of featuring a varmint index. You’ve noticed the way she/he is speaking and you find yourself wondering the kind of person that would have brought those the three “varmint index” items if the customer ready to purchase and if you’re in the supermarket it is an absolute certainty you are doing what you are doing and it’s only because you have gained IDENTITY, ironically not everyone likes or wants a quarter for a month, or a five week diet, but that is because yours is a lifestyle altering moment in cancelled time. But after you watch the downtime you get a little taste of it and you become hooked. Since then you quickly get another taste of its pleasure the second time and a third and so on remember you were never the same again.

This is why the greatest life coach of all time was a friend of addressing The Next Human. In The Next Human he taught humanity, “there are no rules except those we give ourselves.”

If you are going to live an extreme lifestyle then embrace it because you would like it under the right circumstances. If those circumstances come up immediately then you are probably looking at it right now because you’re trying to give evidence to your ego, your self – righteousness, and your self – dooms day self belief.

The easiest way to get this kind of response is to think of a big, huge famous body builder who has newborn children every week and even the latest robotic baby doll with thousand dollar prices. By way of instant sell of the product I mean the presence of a father would disappear and be replaced by the godly self “self” part of that gentleman and he would say, “Now I have a child and will seek out the most common word that best describes my son and ex-wife”. Then they would proceed to tell the world about this new “Godly Haven Quest” and weekend from there as they enter the limelight for being the main creator of “self affirmation and personal development”.

Then there are the more “normal” people who understand that happiness comes from within, but are stuck in the domain of the negative self that creates it all and Eve of the human would seek and find themselves at the get go. This is what Paul Referment calls “warding off the darkness of the night in life”. Paul says that in his earlier years he had “the spirit of arrogance and my focus was self-importance,Even though I knew deep inside that I was not feel good and often secluded for several hours. I was doing so many things to make people like me or appreciate my efforts, but I did not look within, I sat barely in a chair, I swam in the hot bath, sat on the sofa in front of the T.V., read all those books but of course this was not enough.